Study Reveals DIY Projects Most Likely to Fail

Thinking about tackling a DIY project this spring? Don’t be like these homeowners, who lived to regret it.

DIY home improvement is a rising trend. As a society, people like to think of themselves as handy and resourceful. Besides, it’s often assumed that taking on a project yourself will save money because you won’t have to pay for labor. However, a recent survey by ImproveNet shows that of 2,000 Americans who attempted DIY projects, 63% came to regret it. And these weren’t first time amateurs. In fact, the average number of attempted projects before the project that caused the regret, was 8. Ultimately, one in three decided to have a professional come in later to redo the project, meaning it cost them more in the long run to do it themselves and have it redone, than to go with a professional in the first place.

Of course, every DIY project is different. What were the biggest offenders in terms of failed DIY projects?


Installing new flooring — or refinishing old flooring — was one of the most regretted projects, according to the study. The most regretted was installing floor tiles, which can break or may be measured incorrectly. While it may seem simple, there’s actually much more to flooring installations than meets the eye. Once the old flooring is taken out, you may find that the subflooring is damaged or uneven. It may dip or have an issue with mold. In some cases, it will need to be evened out, while in other cases it may need to be replaced altogether. This adds another heap of costs and time that the homeowner hadn’t accounted for. Refinishing hardwood floor and installing carpet came in at #3 and 4 in terms of most regretted DIY projects.

Replacing the Ceiling

Ceiling replacement was another oft regretted home improvement project. Much like flooring, the problem is that it’s hard to know what you’ll find beneath (or above) the surface. Some homeowners found faulty electrical wiring that needed to be corrected, while others might notice water leaks, that they hadn’t been aware of before. There could be problems with insulation or mold. All of this will need to be taken care of before you start to replace the ceiling. Homeowners often find themselves unprepared for these issues, while professionals see this kind of thing every day.

Basement Remodeling

Homeowners often like the idea of remodeling their basement. After all, this large space is brimming with potential. However, once they get started, many homeowners begin to wish they hadn’t bothered. Moisture problems can be the bane of anyone who’s tried to remodel their basement, and bringing electrical work up to code can be more than you had previously signed up for. Basements often have different heating and cooling needs than the rest of the house, as well, because of their position. Don’t take on a DIY project only to regret it and redo it later. Get it done right the first time, with the help of MBC Remodeling. Contact us todayfor more information or a free estimate.

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