Sunroom Additions: Let the Sunshine In, but Keep the Heat Out!

All the sunlight you want…without the heat.

Sunrooms are an ever popular room addition, and no wonder. These beautiful room additions are flooded with natural sunlight, which has been shown to offera number of health benefits to us as human beings. In times past, all that sunlight might have also meant that the room would quickly become stuffy during the summer. However, as technology has progressed, that’s no longer the case. A good remodeling contractor can fit your home with an all-season sunroom that can stay at the right temperature throughout the year while still giving you all the benefits of sunlight. But what are those benefits?


With that soft sunlight streaming through the windows, your sunroom might just be the wake-up you need to get started on your workout routine, making it a perfect home gym. But maybe instead you’re looking for an artistic studio with plenty of natural lighting, or a breakfast nook where you can sip your coffee in peace before you start the day. The truth is, a sunroom can fit all of these functions and more. It’s very versatile. What it offers your home is beautiful views and excellent sunlight, but beyond that, you can make it into whatever you like.

Energy Efficiency

Sunrooms have all the lighting they need during the day, so there’s no need to install electrical lighting. Thus the more time you spend in your sunroom, the lower your energy bills will be. Also, because sunrooms are now designed with a tighter seal to be comfortable for three seasons or year-round, you don’t have to worry as much about the cost of heating and cooling. Thus a sunroom can be a particularly energy efficient addition to your home, and one that can save you money as the year goes on.

Added Home Value

Cost is a consideration with any home remodeling project, but in the case of sunrooms, it’s an excellent investment. Not only do they add living space and comfort to your home while you live there, but they almost always increase your home value. Whatever the upfront costs may be — and if you’re on a tight budget, you can always apply for financing — the ROI makes them worth the installation. If you’re planning to sell your home in the next few years and want a competitive edge on the market, a sunroom installation is the way to go.Want to learn more about how sunrooms can benefit your home with plenty of sunlight without the heat? Contact MBC Remodeling today for more information.

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