10 Easy Ways to Change the Feel of Your Home

(This is a guest post from Trevor Price.)

It is easy to get tired of the feel of your home. It may feel too busy. It may feel too plain. You can change the feel of your home with these small, and often inexpensive, decorating tips.


Paint is a simple change that lends huge results. Another benefit of paint is that you can do it yourself. If you want a room to be brighter, pick a happy, upbeat color. If you want to tone down a room and give it a softer feel, choose a cooler more breathable color.


Shutters can transform the look and feel of your home both inside and out. Shutters give the home a more finished, complete look. Your home will have a more custom vibe with these window treatments. In addition to looking fabulous, shutters can increase the temperature comfort in your home. It can keep heat out in the summer and in during winter.

Move the Furniture

It may sound simple, but rearranging the flow of furniture can cause a dramatic change to the feel of your home. It can create a more open or more intimate setting. It can change the view from which you view the room or the outside surroundings. It can even give the home a whole new look.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a word often used by designers. This term represents the manner in which a home is built and designed. It focuses on enhancing the ‘qi’ and positive energy flow of the home. Feng Shui differs in each room of the home – based on the purpose of each room. Color and furniture placement are important aspects of Feng Shui.


A home full of clutter feels chaotic. The constant mess can cause anxiety and can rob the home from peace and safety. This is a way you can completely change the look of your home without spending a single penny. Get rid of items you don’t need. Clean up and organize items you do need.

Enhance What You Have

There are many ways to update or change things you already have. Get new covers for your throw pillows. Paint your kitchen table a different color. Replace an old lamp shade with something more modern. Change the pictures that have been in frames for years. Before you completely buy a new family room furniture set, see what you already have to work with.

New Floors

Although this is a little pricey, new floors can change the feel of a home. Replacing dirty, stained carpets with wood floors can make the home feel more custom and modern. If that is out of your budget, consider tile or laminate floors. If that is still too expensive, try transforming your floors with rugs.


Adding slipcovers over couches and chairs will immediately change the feel of your home. This is an inexpensive way to make your couch look new again. This option is also great for families with young children. Slipcovers can be washed and replaced easily.

Accent Furniture

It may not be financially possible to get all new furniture but just adding a single piece of accent furniture to a room can change the feel of the room. Pay special attention to the color, shape and size of the piece. Make sure it fits the new feel you are trying to create.

Live Plants

Live plants bring life into a home. The fresh look and smell have a calming, yet lively, effect on a room. Don’t be scared off by taking care of plants. Do your best to keep them alive, but if you fail you can always purchase another.

Trevor Price is a writer and marketer for Sunburst Shutters. When he’s not writing Trevor enjoys reading and the outdoors. Connect with Trevor on Google +. Sunburst Shutters has built interior shutters and window coverings for customers across the United States since the 1970’s.

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