The Best Seasons to Do Various Remodeling Projects

Contrary to what many homeowners believe and some might tell you, remodeling is not restricted to one or two seasons. Remodeling can be done year round, and with the right remodeling contractor, you can have almost any project that you need done at any time of year. However, there are clearly some projects that are better performed in certain times of year than others. This applies to all seasons. So what seasons are best for what remodeling projects? Here’s our handy guide.


Winter is the season that people most often mistakenly believe to be incompatible with remodeling. The cold weather and snow can provide a challenge, but the dry air and brittle, frozen ground has its benefits. This is an excellent time of year to have an addition installed as its easiest to lay foundation. Although snow is a concern during the winter, there is considerably less rain than in spring and fall, and remodeling contractors often have fewer projects going on, so scheduling in winter is much more convenient. This may also be a good time of year for some indoor projects, such as wall painting, where the cold, dry temperatures can actually help in curing the paint.


As the weather warms, you may find yourself turning your eyes outside, planning for all the improvements you want to make to your outdoor living space. Decks, porches, and patios are common installations during this time. This also gives the homeowner plenty of time to figure out the set-up and furnishings before summer when these outdoor living spaces will get the most use. Turning inside, spring is a good time to work on reflooring or consider some appliance upgrades. 


Summer is the most popular time of year to have bathroom remodels done. You can avoid the chaos of the remodel inside by enjoying the day outside and you can have a newly remodeled bathroom to wash off after a long day outdoors. Kitchen remodels are popular at this time of year in the same way. It may be better to schedule these remodels for earlier in the summer so as to beat the rush. This may also be a good time to have new ceiling fans installed or to have an outdoor kitchen installed to boost your entertainment.


Fall, especially early fall, is a great time of year to have new or replacement windows installed. The weather is mild, so you won’t have air that’s too stuffy or too chilly coming in while your windows are being installed. It’s also the perfect time, temperature-wise, for caulking to dry and set. Having replacement windows installed in the fall will help to keep your home warm for the winter. Fall may also be a good time to clean out your gutters and have your HVAC system repaired or replaced.Interested in remodeling your home this winter, or for any of the seasons to come? Contact MBC Remodeling today to set up a free consultation.

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