The Best Time For Basement Remodeling in Lancaster, PA

Need some more space in your Lancaster home? You may already have it, just waiting to be uncovered. Almost every home in Lancaster, PA has basements, though many are unfinished. These spaces can serve as storage spaces without any need to finish them, but if you want to really optimize your space, you can remodel your basement and turn it into any number of things: a den, an in-law suite, a hobby room, even extra bedrooms.

The question is when to start your basement remodel. Different times of year will have different impacts on your basement remodel. It may even impact the cost and potential tax write-offs. In today’s blog, we’ll break down the different seasons to determine the best time for basement remodeling in Lancaster, PA.

What Goes Into a Basement Remodel

The good news about a basement remodel is that it’s all interior. Your basement already exists, it’s just a matter of sealing and finishing it and then adding all the touches you want. One of the first steps to a basement remodel is to waterproof the basement so that no moisture or humidity gets in while you’re installing the drywall. If it hasn’t been done already, electrical wiring and HVAC is added to the basement, as well as plumbing if a bathroom is needed. Then comes the insulation, walls, and flooring. Finally, all the finishing touches and features that you want for your basement are added.

Remodeling Your Basement in Spring

Moisture is one of the biggest impediments when it comes to basement remodeling. You can’t install drywall or electrical wiring until the moisture problem is taken care of. In this way, spring basement remodels are a blessing and a curse. Spring is one of the wettest seasons, both because snow is beginning to thaw and because of those famous “April showers.” You’re likely to run into moisture issues right away, so waterproofing will be essential. On the other hand, you’re more likely to notice moisture issues right away so you can set about repairing them.

Spring is also the beginning of the busy season for remodeling companies. Early spring will probably offer more flexibility in terms of scheduling, while late spring is likely to be a bit busier. On the other hand, late spring will offer longer, brighter days to work.

Remodeling Your Basement in Summer

Summer is the most popular time of year for renovations, and for good reason. Longer days mean that the crew can work for longer hours with more daylight. There’s less reason for weather delays, as the weather is generally sunny and clear. But the fact that summer is the most popular time of year for renovations means that it’s the busiest time of year. You’ll want to schedule your project as soon as possible in order to make sure to fit it in at the right time.

However, there are lifestyle advantages to finishing your basement in the summer. WIth the kids out of school, it will be easy to plan a strategic vacation while your basement is being remodeled and coming home to a newly remodeled basement. Basements are often the coolest rooms in the house, so you’ll have a getaway when the weather gets warm. It also adds space for entertaining, as summer is often the best time of year to have friends and family over, excepting the holidays.

Remodeling Your Basement in Autumn

Fall means that the weather is cooling off, the days are becoming shorter, and rain is becoming more frequent. All that said, however, basement remodels in autumn can often be a popular choice. That summer rush of remodeling work has begun to wear off. In some cases, product manufacturers might even offer discounts so that you save money while remodeling your basement in fall. It also ensures that the basement will be finished before the holidays really set in. If you need an extra room for your in-laws to use while visiting for Thanksgiving, you’ll have it. If you need a private space to get away when the socializing is a little too much, you’ll have it.

Remodeling Your Basement in Winter

Winter is the least busy time for remodeling companies, so you’ll have the most freedom when it comes to scheduling. You also might be able to enjoy discounts when choosing the products you want for your newly remodeled basement — as this is a slow period throughout the industry. One perk to remodeling your basement in winter is that if you weren’t able to throughout the rest of the year, you can still remodel it before the end of the year so that you can mark the tax deduction.

The downside, of course, is the holidays. It can be hard to find time to schedule your basement remodel while also making your holiday plans. It might also be hard to schedule because your installation crew will also have holiday plans, so winter remodeling might mean that the crew is short staffed as others take time off to be with their families. Moisture is also an issue in winter, both because of rain and snow.

The best time for basement remodeling in Lancaster, PA, of course, is when you realize that you need to turn your basement into livable space. When that time comes, MBC Remodeling has your back. Contact us today to learn more about our basement remodeling services or to schedule a free consultation.

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