Things To Do Before Starting a Basement Remodel

Four Things You Should Do Before Starting Your Basement Remodel

Many homeowners get excited about remodeling their basement and having a space to call their own for a home office or a game room. However, homeowners must be sure to check a few things before starting the basement remodeling process. MBC Remodeling can help and guide you through what you need to do before starting. The basement must be sound and in great shape before remodeling or redecorating. So, what are some things that you should do before starting your basement remodel?

Here Are The Top Things To Do Before Starting A Basement Remodel

Before you remodel, there are a lot of questions to ask about the home and basement itself. It’s exciting to start the process, but you want to ensure that all of the electrical, mechanical, foundational and water issues are properly addressed before moving onto the full remodeling and decorating part. So, where do you start?

Have An Inspection

It’s always best to start with a thorough inspection of the basement area before you begin any basement remodeling project. During this time, MBC can thoroughly check the mechanical systems such as electrical, heating and plumbing, as well as check for any apparent mold growth. You want to make sure that your basement is in excellent working condition before moving forward with the remodeling process.

Check The Foundation

During the inspection, the foundation will be checked for any settling, cracks or issues. If there is any risk for water damage or mold, this will be addressed. During this process, MBC can also figure out what permits are needed to do the job and fix any issues if there are any, and electrical codes and building requirements.

Look For Water Issues

Waterproofing is absolutely essential when it comes to remodeling a basement. As a homeowner, you may be thinking about your completed project with new carpets and beautiful furnishings, but looking for water issues before you start remodeling is a must. When MBC looks for water issues, they will find the root cause and be able to fix this before fully waterproofing your basement.

Prepare to Insulate

Find out if your basement is fully insulated or if it will need further layers to make sure the area is nice and cozy in the winter and cool in the summertime. During this time, you can also start thinking about the flooring and the ceiling. Many people choose a drop down ceiling which gives easy access into the electrical above, but some people prefer to have this area fully finished especially if they are adding a basement for a family member that is moving in.

The Vision Of The Finished Basement

You may already know exactly how the finished basement should look in the end, but there are some things to consider outside of structural and mechanical issues. Perhaps you are looking for added light in the basement, but you must ask yourself if you want a window installed or overhead lighting. Will you need access to the outside? Some homeowners love the idea of walking directly out of the basement to the backyard, and many homes have this feature. This is something that can be added depending on how your home is laid out, but it is definitely something you want to think about before you start the process.

When doing a basement remodel, you want a company that has a lot of experience in this type of project, and MBC Remodeling  is local and we aim for the lowest-stress project possible.  We want our customers to be happy and we are proud of the values that we stand for.  Our reputation also makes us different from other companies out there.

Ready to start your basement remodeling project?  If you’re in or directly around the Lancaster, PA area, feel free to contact us with any questions you have and we are more than happy to walk you through the process.

Check out our gallery and get some amazing ideas for what you want your basement to become!  We are so excited to hear from you soon!

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