It’s Time for a New bathroom

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If you’re tired of your bathroom and want a new design, consider contacting home improvement companies in Lancaster County that can suggest ways tomake the most of your space or a complete remodeling. When considering home décor, it is easy to focus on the living room and bedrooms, but many people ignore the busiest room in the house. A bathroom should provide convenience and comfort and can have spa-like features that can help you make the most out of a soak in the tub.  When considering your options for bathroom remodeling  take a look at the:

  • Sink
  • Cabinetry
  • Floors
  • Toilet
  • Bathtub or shower

Great Ideas for Floors

Bathroom floors should be attractive and prevent slipping.  High-quality vinyl is versatile and easy to clean. If you want to upgrade your bathroom , look for custom ceramic tiles, porcelain or natural stone. Porcelain is often higher grade and ceramic although both options are durable and can blend in with any type of décor. Stone adds anatural look to your bathroom and provides a unique touch. Marble may be costly but it has unparalleled excellence that adds classic elegance to your home. Lighter colors can make your room appear larger and add a light, crisp feeling to your bathroom.


Cabinets can represent a substantial investment for bathroom remodeling project, but if you discuss options with home-improvement companies in Lancaster County, you may be able to find low-cost cabinetry. You may decide to fix your current cabinets up with a coat of white lacquer until it is time to spring for new cabinets. For a fresh look, you can resurface your current cabinets with oak panels or add mirror treatments or frosted glass panels.


It’s often convenient to have countertops made of the same material as the sink. Some of the most attractive and low maintenance options include marble or granite which can be cleaned easily but are more costly than porcelain. You can find discount sinks and countertops made of granite or marble produced from a stone scrapyard. Laminate and Formica tops can mimic the appearance of marble but are less expensive than the genuine material.  To find the right combination of cost and quality, discuss your options with home-improvement companies in Lancaster County.

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