Tips for Living Through a Remodel

Have a remodel in the near future? Here’s how to make it more livable.

Remodeling is one of those things that everyone loves to have done but no one likes to live through. The right remodeling contractor can remove much of the headache with their expertise and reliable work. But it’s hard to get around the fact that your home will be experiencing major changes, and you’ll likely be there throughout. Here are a few tips to make the experience more, well, livable:

Make Your Own Space

For your safety as well as the safety and efficiency of the crew working on your remodel, homeowners, kids, and pets should always be kept out of the remodeled area. Create a space in your home and block it off from the part being remodeled with a make-shift plywood door. Make sure you have whatever you need to be comfortable. If bedrooms are being remodeled, have air mattresses or comfortable futons available in the livable space. A TV, books, or games to keep yourself and your family entertained. Your pet’s food and, if a cat, their litter box should be in that space.

Have a Kitchen Alternative

Of course, you might ask, what happens if your kitchen is being remodeled? You’ll have to eat, after all. Some homeowners take their toaster, microwave, coffee maker, and a mini-fridge into their den or garage to set up a make-shift kitchenette while they’re unable to access their kitchen. If it’s within your budget, you might choose to go out to eat for the nights of the remodel, or order take-out. Going out will also help you to take a break from the chaos of the remodel.

Discuss Schedule With Your Contractors

One of the best ways to make your remodeling more livable is to talk to your contractors about schedule. Your contractors work on a detailed schedule when it comes to remodeling projects. They can tell you not only the first and last day of the project, but what they plan to accomplish each day. If one day is more likely to be louder and more disruptive than others, you may choose that day to take an outing and avoid the house — so long as you leave your contractors with contact information to reach you. With clear communication, they can also keep you posted as to whether everything is running according to schedule or a little ahead or behind.Communication, both with your contractors as well as everyone who lives in your house, is essential. Need more help preparing for your upcoming remodeling project? Contact MBC Remodeling today for more information.

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