Tips for Successful Home Improvements

It’s getting HOT in Lancaster, PA, and many homeowners are eager to update and improve their homes through remodeling projects like decks, sunrooms and finished basements (for those 100+ degrees like today!).

Before you begin your home improvement project, here are a few smart ideas for planning a success that will bring you joy for many years to come.

1. Write down a list of the remodeling ideas you have for your home. Include everything you think needs to be done and everything you wish you could improve about your home. Drafting a budget is a key early step. Most homeowners already have projects in mind, such as renovating the kitchen, adding a bathroom or replacing windows, but not always the budget to take care of everything right now. That’s why you should prioritize your list. Perhaps it’s not the right time to do everything, but most homeowner’s are delighted to discover how they can maximize their budget by doing the work in phases. If you’re in Lancaster County, PA, MBC (that’s us!) is available for suggesting budget-friendly materials and utilizing innovative solutions to help you stretch your home improvement budget. We also offer financing options.

2. Make sure you team up with a professional. Call my Dad Mike or me so we can help you uncover the best way to get your home improvement projects completed.

Even if you only have exploratory questions, the best way to get good information is to simply ask… that’s what we’re here for!

3. Explore your creative side and help make the project fun for you too! Many “amateur” designers come up with wonderful ideas, and since you are living in your home everyday, your input will help us come up with a final plan that meets your specific needs. A good start could be to make a sketch of your current floor plan and work out your concepts. It doesn’t matter if you’re “van Gogh” or not, we’ll make sure that your creativity doesn’t go unnoticed! Plus, by brainstorming you might come up with ideas you had never even thought of.

4. Take advantage of the current energy-efficiency tax credits. Don’t miss out on time-sensitive incentives for replacing windows or doors, adding insulation, installing new roofing, upgrading heating or air-conditioning units, updating the water heater or installing energy generating products.

These incentives are a great way to enhance your home and defray the costs… maximizing your home remodeling budget AND reducing home energy bills; it’s a win, win for YOU!


Matt Blank

MBC Building & Remodeling, LLC has served Lancaster County, PA with Award-Winning Home Remodeling since 1999. Please visit our website for all things Lancaster, PA Remodeling.

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