Top 3 Things to Include in Your Kitchen Remodel

kitchen renovation Lancaster County

Of all the rooms and spaces in your home, you spend more time in the kitchen than anywhere else. Because this room gets so much traffic, it tends to wear out faster. Appliances sputter, flooring weakens, and cabinets and countertops take abuse. Plus, there are times when the style or configuration of your kitchen no longer suit your needs and preferences. For your next kitchen renovation in Lancaster County, consider including these four fixes.

Start at the Bottom

You touch the floor every time you enter the kitchen, so why not concentrate on the changing out the surface first? There are a number of good options to choose from when putting in a new floor. While linoleum is a popular standby, consider more modern options such as hardwood, laminate, bamboo, vinyl or cork. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Keep you budget in mind when making your selection. No matter what you choose, a new floor can completely change the ambiance of your kitchen.

Cabinets Matter

No kitchen renovation in Lancaster County can be complete without new cabinets. These are much more than storage units for your kitchenware. A new set of cabinets provide a terrific update to a drab kitchen. Look for new cabinets that complement your floor and countertops. In addition, try adding more cabinet space or move your cabinets to other spots in your kitchen. You’ll be amazed at how making these changes can open things up and make your kitchen more charming and inviting.

Bring in New Appliances

Even if your appliances aren’t on their last leg, you may do well to replace them with something different. A kitchen renovation in Lancaster County should include new appliances. Affordable stainless steel refrigerators, ranges, microwaves and dishwashers are available. New appliances look great when combined with remodeled flooring and cabinets.

Kitchen renovation in Lancaster County can be as extensive or simple as you need. Any changes you make can completely transform this well-used room.

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