Top 4 Spring Home Improvement Projects

Spring cleaning often goes beyond simply wiping down your windows and dusting. With longer, fairer days and lovely weather, homeowners often find themselves freshly inspired to take on new home improvement projects. But are there any home improvement projects that are better done in spring than at other points throughout the year? Where do you start? Here are our recommendations for the top spring home improvement projects to take on:


Spring is perhaps the most popular time of year to do a deep declutter. Over time, homes can become crowded with too many things that homeowners never use and don’t even want but never get around to getting rid of. But in spring, we feel refreshed and ready for a change. Go through every item in your house and consider how often you use it or whether it adds anything to your life to keep it. If not, consider tossing it, donating it, or recycling it. 

Build a Deck

As warmer weather and sunnier days return, you may find yourself wanting to spend more time outdoors, and possibly even entertaining in the summer. In fact, you may want to take your outdoor living to the next level with a new deck or porch. With the right contractor, you can have a deck or porch custom built to suit your needs and your outdoor living needs. Then you can have the fun of furnishing it and, finally, enjoying those beautiful spring and summer days with your new deck.


Want a fresh perspective on your home? You’d be surprised by how effective a fresh coat of paint can be. Whether you add fresh paint to your front door or you repaint the kitchen, bathroom, or home office, this is a simple home improvement project that can add life and vibrance to your home. And because the weather is warmer and days are longer, you can have a day outside while the paint smell fades from your home’s interior.

Install Ceiling Fans

With weather getting warmer, you may find that soon you need cooling solutions for the interior of your home. Of course, it’s great to have central air conditioning, but it can save money to have a ceiling fan in your kitchen, bathroom, or living spaces. This will help to keep you cool with less energy than your central air conditioning would use, so you can ease into those higher cooling bills instead of breaking the bank over them.Interested in tackling any remodeling this spring? Contact MBC Remodeling today for more information or to schedule a free consultation.

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