Wasted Space To Amazing: 5 Rooms Your Basement Can Be

When you were to list each room in your home, what would they be? Living room, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms. But if your home has a basement, it should make the list as an equal among other rooms, functional and purposeful. Your basement shouldn’t be just an extension of your home but a very real and essential part of your home, just as your kitchen does. Let’s look at some ideas for home additions in Lancaster County that will get your basement on the list of “usable rooms in your home”, where it belongs.


Set away from the rest of the house, the basement is the perfect place to create a quiet, secluded den. This is a great place to find some quiet reading time or watch your favorite television program. There are lots of features that basement finishers in Lancaster County can include in your den that will personalize it to suit your needs. You can add shelves for books or a wet bar or even a complete, built-in entertainment center.

Game Room

Converting your basement into a game room is not only great for your own family but guests, as well, especially if you have teens in your family. Having a space for everyone to hang out together and do activities that everyone enjoys can bring your family closer. Some game room additions that you might want to include are a pool table, foosball, and video gaming systems.


Kids need a space to just be kids and adults need the peace and quiet that never comes when “kids are just being kids.” Transforming your basement into a playroom for your kids gives them a place to grow and imagine and make messes like kids do. One of the greatest benefits of a playroom is when your kids have guests over. Playrooms can include walls of storage and cubbies, easy-to-maintain flooring, and chalkboard paint walls.

Guest Quarters

If you have ever been on the receiving end of staying with friends or relatives, you understand just how much a complete guest quarters can make your stay so much more pleasant. Just a simple bedroom, bathroom, and kitchenette can make your guests’ stay comfortable and can keep the rest your home functional during their stay, too. Not only is a guest quarters a valuable feature for guests, but when it is not in use, it can be a great place for your family to use every day. You might find that your family enjoys having an extra bathroom and a quiet space to go hang out once in a while.


If you choose to convert your basement into a home gym, the possibilities that you can include are endless. You will never have to go to the gym again and can get the same benefits from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Your basement can be so much more than just another space in your home. When you’re choosing basement finishers in Lancaster County, let MBC Remodeling transform your basement into a functional and enjoyable area of your home. Our home remodeling experts have remodeled basements all over Lancaster County so call us today for a consultation.

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