Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

9 Ways To Make Your Lancaster PA Small
Bathroom Look Bigger

Make Your Lancaster PA Bathroom Appear Larger
With These Methods

Small bathrooms in your Lancaster, PA home can be a headache! You may feel as though stepping into your bathroom is like stepping into a closet and think there is nothing that you can do to make it work better for you.

However, by using a few design tricks, you can make your small bathroom appear larger to eliminate the claustrophobic feeling.

Ditch The Shower Curtain For Doors

Shower curtains are often used in smaller bathrooms. However, they are not helping your bathroom to feel larger. Instead, ditch the curtain for shower doors.

The key is to go with glass shower doors that really gleam in the light. While this is not changing the actual space size, glass shower doors will make your shower feel larger.

You can even opt for shower doors that open accordion-style to ensure you are not taking up valuable real estate when opening the door.

Light Grout Color

If your walls or floors have tiles, then use a light grout color in between these tiles. A light-colored grout is going to go a long way in reflecting light to make the bathroom appear larger.

Using dark-colored grout may be too intense for a small bathroom. Dark colors in a small bathroom can actually make the space feel smaller, which is the exact opposite of what you want to do!

Also, keep in mind that using the same tile on the floor and on the walls in the shower/bath can be a helpful way of making a small bathroom appear larger.

Storage Is Essential

One of the biggest complaints people have about their small bathrooms is their lack of storage. When this is the issue, items are typically lying about on every available surface, which makes your bathroom appear even smaller!

The key is to use storage that is going to fit in with the design and possibly hide some items from view. For example, a washstand that sits under the sink that holds towels, wash cloths, etc., can go a long way in organizing.

We recommend going with storage options that are not sitting directly on the floor. This allows the small bathroom to look larger as more floor space is going to be seen.

Chair Rail Design On Walls

This is a painting trick that is meant to make a small room appear larger. Put molding at chair height to split the wall. This split is going to allow for different colors or textures to be used, making the bathroom appear larger than it truly is.

Chair Rail Design On Walls

A large mirror placed on a wall is not only practical but can help to make your bathroom appear larger. There are even those Lancaster, PA, homeowners who have an entire wall covered in mirrors to almost double the appearance of their small bathroom.

Avoid Busy Pattern Wallpaper And Paints Walls And Ceilings To Match

While wallpaper is making a comeback in decor styles, it is not something to use in your small bathroom. Wallpaper with a heavy or busy design can make your small bathroom look smaller.

Paint the walls and ceilings to match if you are using a light color. When you do not have a definite line between colors, it makes the illusion of a bigger room.

This is not going to work with a dark color, as painting both the ceiling and walls in a dark color can make your bathroom look smaller.

Go With Light And Airy Colors

Any small space is going to be better when painted with light and airy colors. Many people, automatically think of white. However, there are several bright and airy colors that you can use that are not white.

So, don’t feel like you have to choose white, because you don’t! Most professionals state you should stick with pastel colors. But remember that blues and greens, aka cool colors, have been shown to shrink a room.

Wall Mounted Decor

When we talk about wall-mounted decor, you want to think about lighting, mirrors, and other small decor items. The key to using these items in a small bathroom is to use them sparingly.

You will find that wall-mounted lighting is a great way to add more light to a small bathroom to help it appear larger. We do suggest going with bulbs that advertise “natural light.” Even though this is artificial, they help the room look bigger.

With decorations, whether this is artwork, plants, etc., you will want to go sparingly. Many people find that setting in an artificial plant can help add a touch of nature while also making this bathroom look larger.

New Toilets And Sinks

While it may be a major renovation, replacing your toilet and sink can go a long way in making a small bathroom appear larger. You will find that using a smaller commode is going to give you a lot more room, and opt for a commode that is more modern without the back tank to save additional space.

For sinks, consider choosing one that allows for exposed piping or even one that is just the bowl of the sink. It is smaller and will make your bathroom appear larger.

Call MBC Remodeling For Remodeling Small Bathrooms

For many homeowners, making their bathroom appear larger is a daunting project. We are the bathroom remodeling pros that can help! We will utilize various methods to do this, whether it is switching out flooring, painting, or adding in new furnishings.

We offer free quotes for your Lancaster, PA, bathroom remodel. Contact us today or call us at (717) 371-5136 to get a bathroom that feels larger in your home.

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