We Discuss Your Budget And Stay Within It

We Work Within Your Budget To Deliver
Your Dream Home Remodel

Your Unique Budget Deserves A
Unique Remodel – We Deliver

Many Lancaster, PA home remodeling companies are scared to discuss your budget. They’re afraid they’ll lose your business. Instead, they want you interested in the scope of your remodel, and then they’ll discuss the cost after the fact.

Well, at MBC Remodeling, we discuss your budget upfront. And we work with you throughout the project to ensure your remodeling project is affordable and never exceeds the price we provide in your proposal.

We Discuss Your Budget Right Away

We want to get the budget conversation started as soon as possible. This is not at all from a sales perspective, but we want to ensure we lead you in the right direction.

So, when you begin the consultation process with MBC Remodeling, we immediately discuss your budget. We don’t need your specific, definitive cap on what you would like to spend, but it helps to understand your ideal range.

And we do this for several reasons:

  1. It helps us provide sound advice. There’s a big difference between a $25,000 remodel and a $150,000 remodel. And we ensure our recommendations make sense according to your budget.
  2. We don’t want to waste your time. If your budget and remodeling goals don’t align realistically, we want you to know that upfront. Most importantly, we want to provide you with real options that could work according to your budget.

Unfortunately, many remodeling companies don’t ask what your budget is upfront. As a result, you make choices that don’t align with your budget, forcing you to pay extra or downgrade to ensure affordability.

In other cases, a remodeling company may hear your budget and immediately agree to bring your plans to life within that price range.

This is incredibly risky.

Ultimately, if your budget and scope of work don’t align, you could run into MAJOR cost issues once the project starts.

At MBC Remodeling, we don’t simply agree on the scope of work and budget. And we never wait to discuss your budget.

This is especially true if there’s a disconnect between how much you want to spend and the size and scope of your remodel.

We Guide You As YOU Make The Decisions

Once your budget is dialed in and makes sense according to your project’s scope of work, we make decisions and put together your quote.

Again, your budget is strongly considered.

For instance, you can purchase tile at $3 per square foot or $10 per square foot. Of course, there are quality and longevity differences.

And, ultimately, you make the final choice – It depends on your budget and how much you wish to spend in each category.

Here’s how we help: we spell out all of the options for you. This includes the pros and cons for every option and the associated costs.

Unfortunately, other companies don’t always do it this way. And if your remodeler isn’t communicating the financial side of things, you could fall in love with the most expensive option. Then, you may feel forced to choose between paying multiple times more or compromising quality.

Since we spell everything out, you make informed decisions. If you want the most expensive option, great. If you want a more budget-friendly solution, that’s great.

Our Quotes Are 100% Fixed!

Ultimately, your budget and entire scope of work are built into your custom proposal. Every aspect of your remodel is right there in writing.

And the best part? Your quote won’t change – it’s fixed. If we forget to add something important and it costs us more, we eat the costs. That’s how it should be, and that’s how we do it at MBC Remodeling.

But that’s not how it’s always done. Many remodelers want a foot in the door. Once they’re in, they begin to nickel and dime you. Ultimately, the amount your quote says and the amount you pay is far different.

We make sure this NEVER happens. With MBC Remodeling, you only pay what your quote says – we guarantee it.

We Won’t Change Your Quote Price… But You Can

We won’t change your price. However, if you want to change the scope of work, then you should feel free to do so. We will gladly update your quote if you change your mind about the remodeling details.

So, you never feel locked into what’s precisely in your quote.

If you’re searching for a home remodeling company in Lancaster, PA that will work within your budget to deliver your dream remodel, contact MBC Remodeling today for a free and accurate quote.

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