We Do Quotes Different – And Better

Detailed, Accurate, And
Just Plain BETTER Quotes

We Start Out With A Blank Canvas –
And We Finish With Your Dream Fulfilled

At MBC Remodeling, our Lancaster home remodeling quote process is different. We start with a conversation, and we never come with a cookie-cutter proposal in mind for you. Your proposal is 100% uniquely yours. 

More than that, we offer a range of products from multiple brands for you to consider. And when you receive your personalized quote, it’s detailed and accurate

We Start With A Blank Canvas

Our first meeting is an open conversation – an information session.

This means we don’t jump right in. We don’t run straight to your bathroom or kitchen. Instead, we take the time to sit down and LEARN about your needs, goals, desires, budget, and preferences. We will introduce ourselves and let you know what we hope to accomplish for the first meeting.

Of course, we’ll gladly throw out ideas as we learn more about your goals… and there are no hard feelings if you don’t want any particular idea that we present.

We’ll brainstorm, brainstorm, and brainstorm some more until we find the PERFECT remodeling solution for your home.

Ultimately, our goal is to leave that meeting with all that we need to build a proposal and price that works for you and your budget.

We gladly review your options and provide a general guide for how much each option may cost you. But we won’t give a price on the first visit. That way, you won’t feel any pressure at all.

Instead, we take the information you provide back and put together a detailed, all-inclusive quote and price that won’t change after your project begins. Once your project plan is ready in approximately two to three weeks, we sit back down and go over your proposal in person – NOT over email.

We’re Not Beholden To Suppliers

We offer products from numerous brands, and we’re not “official suppliers” for any particular brand.

We get to the bottom of what you need and want. Then, we build a 100% custom plan every time. Your plan can include one of many different suppliers based on your situation.

And this isn’t always the case with remodeling companies. “Official suppliers” often stick to one brand, and you HAVE to choose that brand for your remodel. It may look the way you want, or it may not. But it’ll almost certainly look like the company’s last project and the one before that.

Well, at MBC Remodeling, we make sure a manufacturer’s products stand up against OTHER manufacturer’s products. Ultimately, we provide what YOU consider to be the BEST. It’s going to look like you want it to look.

You pick the finer details, such as your:

  • Paint color
  • Shower door
  • Tile style and color
  • Tub style and color
  • Floor style and color
  • Vanity style and color

Pretty much EVERY piece is handpicked by you within a budget and allowance that we develop with you on the first visit.

The Average Quote Is One Page Long. Our Quotes
Are 15-20 Pages And Include EVERY Detail

Our quotes include every detail about your project. In fact, they’re 15-20 pages in length.

Why is this a good thing?

Well, you know that we’ve thought of everything. There are no additional costs to come later.

This isn’t always the case. Most remodeling quotes are about a page long and don’t provide much beyond your bottom line price. As a result, there’s no way for you to understand what’s ACTUALLY involved and included in your quote.

You don’t have to fear setbacks because we forgot to order an important piece of your remodel. This happens often with one-page quotes. Next thing you know, your bathroom is already torn apart, and you’re left waiting 8 to 10 weeks for the forgotten piece to arrive.

We Don’t Email Quotes – We Walk You
Through The Details IN PERSON

To make matters worse, many companies email your quote. In fact, that’s pretty standard practice. When you receive your emailed one-page quote, you may wonder: “Is this really all that’s included?” We can confidently tell you that it’s NOT all that’s included.

At MBC Remodeling, we take your investment in your home seriously. You always know what you’re paying for – it’s all upfront and out in the open.

We don’t have things pop up unexpectedly that set you back or raise your price. With us, you know down to the linear foot how much trim is included. You know how much square footage for flooring you need. And so on.

There aren’t any major delays, headaches, or unanswered questions about what is and isn’t included.

If you want an accurate and detailed home remodeling quote for your Lancaster home, then contact us today to schedule your home visit.

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