We Employ Our Team, While Others Hire Out

A team you can trust, rather than subcontractors you can contact.

The truth is, in the remodeling industry, you’re more likely to run into general contractors and subcontractors than you are a remodeling company with their own team. But a remodeling company who employees their own team can save you a lot of headache. At MBC Remodeling, we’ve trained our team, and we trust them. In today’s blog, let’s discuss the reason you’ll often find subcontractors in the remodeling business, and why it’s better to hire a remodeling company with their own team.

The Appeal of Subcontractors

For remodeling companies, subcontractors can be quite appealing. The company doesn’t have to worry about paying employee benefits or hourly rates but instead stick to the subcontractor’s fixed rate. Because of that, remodeling companies that hire subcontractors can often charge less for the remodeling job, which appeals to homeowners. There’s less of a mess when it comes to taxes and payroll during the off-season, as well, when companies hire subcontractors.

But does hiring subcontractors really lead to a job well done and happy customers?

Why We Hire Our Own Team

At MBC Remodeling, we prefer to work with our own year-round team, and our customers are happy with that choice. This is a team that we’ve trained ourselves, so we can personally vouch for their work and stand behind the warranties we offer and promises of quality that we make. It’s also easier to coordinate the project, as it all happens in-house, rather than trying to meet the subcontractor’s schedule.

Using our own team also offers you as the customer better protection. If something goes wrong with your remodeling project, the first thing you might do is contact the remodeling company to fix the issue. If you work with a company that hires subcontractors, they may refer you to the subcontractor, who then blames the general contractor, and it could be months at best before the blame game ends and you can resolve the issue. At MBC Remodeling, everything happens in house. If you have an issue with your project, contact us and we’ll address the issue. It’s that simple.Interested in seeing the difference for yourself? It all starts with a free consultation. Contact MBC Remodeling today about your remodeling needs and we’ll get started with a free, in-house consultation.

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