We Set Our Standards So High, Even Homeowners Are Surprised

Exceptionally High Standards Are The Backbone Of Our Family-Owned Business

When You Look Up MBC Remodeling, You’ll See We’re Total Clean Freaks

Well, maybe not literally. But when you visit our office or hire us to remodel your home, you’ll see for yourself why customers refer to us as the “clean freaks” in the Lancaster County area. We wouldn’t be where we are today, after over 20 years in business, if we didn’t hold every one of our employees to the highest possible expectations.

It may seem a bit extreme to some contractors, but to us, it’s just how we run our business. That’s not to say we are perfect or emotionless robots who solely care about results, but the way we do things is the driving force that has allowed us to remain the go-to experts our communities can rely on.

We take cleanliness exceptionally seriously to maintain an aesthetically pleasing and safe job site while working and before leaving each day. Here’s how we make that happen.

If It Doesn’t Pass Our Cleanup Checklist, We Keep At It!

We found out early on that for our level of neatness to carry over to each remodeling job, whether the founder was personally present or not, we needed to develop a one-and-done cleanup checklist to follow during every project.

This mandatory cleanup checklist must be precisely followed to a tee to ensure that the MBC Remodeling name is carried in good light and so that every homeowner has a pleasant experience. Every employee must sign the cleanup checklist each workday, whether it be a kitchen remodel, a decking installation, or a room addition.

Along with treating every home as if it were our own mother’s, our 16-point checklist includes 11 different day-to-day tasks, and the remaining five are related to the final clean-up procedure. For example, one of our most critical tasks is running a high-powered magnet over the entire yard multiple times to ensure no nails or other hazardous materials are present.

Our checklist puts homeowners’ minds at ease, and we continually update the list to stay on top of best practices. The end goal is always to make it look like we were never there in the first place.

When We Make Mistakes, We Own Up To It

Mistakes happen. No matter what you attempt in life, mistakes are bound to happen. In the world of contractors and remodeling, how errors are handled says a lot about a company. While we always strive for utmost perfection in everything we do, we can admit that mistakes are made from time to time.

But when we make mistakes, we wholeheartedly own up to them and do whatever it takes to make them right.

During one project, in particular, we even replanted grass seed in areas of a homeowners’ yard that became damaged during a decking installation. Accidents happen, especially when large equipment and falling debris get involved. Our cleanup checklist caught this mistake before the homeowner did, but they were ecstatic that we made it right.

From time to time, we get a phone call that our crew missed something. In those rare cases, we send someone out immediately to remedy the situation, even if it’s an operations manager or our company’s owners.

Need A Contractor With An Unfaltering Passion For Stunning Home Remodels — Call MBC Remodeling

Your home is an important asset, so you should choose a remodeling company that values that sentiment and treats it accordingly. We are those people! We aim to provide a stress-free experience with affordable financing options for qualifying customers in the Lancaster County area.

If we seem like the type of remodeling contractor for you, then schedule your free consultation! Our team of experienced experts is available Monday–Friday to answer any questions you have about our processes or products; give them a call at (717) 371-5136 to get started today.

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