What Are Your Kitchen’s Problem Areas?

Often when you spend day after day living in your home, using the appliances available to you and going through the same rooms, you can begin to become blind to some of the little problem areas. After all, they’re just minor issues. But those minor issues can build up over time. They might eventually be cause for a remodel. Take a look at your kitchen and really take stock of the space. What are some of your problem areas? Here are a few examples:

Faulty Cabinets and Drawers

Are your kitchen drawers difficult to open? Do cabinet doors creak or refuse to close all the way? In some cases, this may be a simple issue of lubrication. Oil the hinges and the track a bit and they may become good as new. But old cabinets and drawers can become worn down over time. If this is a constant problem or if your cabinets simply look worn and faded, you might want to consider new cabinets in an upcoming kitchen remodel.

Old or Broken Pipes

When you wash the dishes, does water get everywhere, or do you notice water pooling from beneath your sink. This could be an issue with your water pipes. However, leaking or broken pipes can lead to issues of mold and mildew, in addition to a soppy kitchen. If your pipes are no longer serving you, you may need to go deep to have them replaced with newer pipes. This could be a good time to replace your sink as well, if you’ve been waiting for the right moment.

Appliance Issues

Your kitchen appliances are perhaps the most important element of your kitchen. If your fridge is too warm, if your microwave doesn’t heat up your food, or if your oven over- or undercooks food, those are all crucial issues that shouldn’t be ignored. Consider upgrading to new appliances. You can even find smart appliances now that you’re back on the market, which will not only perform more efficiently but will offer more convenience, aiding you in making your shopping list or maintaining your appliances.

Not Enough Space

This is one of the complaints we hear most when it comes to kitchen remodels. Either there’s a lack of storage space or a lack of counter space. When it comes to storage, if you have a small kitchen, get creative with vertical floating shelves that allow you to store more in the space you have. If you can expand your countertop space or your kitchen space overall by taking the wall down and combining the kitchen with the dining room, consider doing this. Kitchen countertops with pull-out attachments can also help to make the most of a lack of space.

Does your kitchen have any problem areas that you’d like to fix with a kitchen remodel? Let MBC Remodeling help. Contact us today for more information or to get started with a free consultation.

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