What Fully Integrated Appliances Should You Have In Your Kitchen?

Fully integrated appliances are an element of modern, minimalist kitchens. They allow you to have all the function you want without compromising style. These elements are designed to blend into your cabinetry, only drawing the eye when you need to use them. What fully integrated appliances should you include in your kitchen? Here are a few of our suggestions:


When closed, your refrigerator should not take up extra space in your kitchen. A fully integrated refrigerator creates a smooth line from the place the cabinets end to the place where the refrigerator begins. In some instances, the surface of the fridge is even made to blend in with the coloring of the cabinets, something that was popular in mid-century modern design and is still sometimes used now. Stark whites or smooth silvers tend to work well for fully integrated refrigerators.


Often the oven is placed below the stove, which makes sense but doesn’t have to be so. Fully integrated ovens are often used in kitchens and can add sleekness and convenience. Now the space below your stove can be used for supplies while you can easily access your oven without having to bend down every time. This is most often the case with electric ovens and stoves, given the lack of need for gas hook-up. Your oven can also be integrated into your kitchen island, below the space where you prep the food.


A dishwasher removes much of the hassle of clean-up from you, but no one wants a dishwasher that sticks out like a sore thumb. In fact, most dishwashers these days are fully integrated. Often, they’re placed near the sink, so you can easily transfer dishes from the sink to the dishwasher or from the dishwasher to the overhead cabinets.Fully integrated appliances can add more space to your kitchen, as well as enhancing the style and practicality. To get your kitchen fully integrated, talk to a kitchen remodeling contractor. Contact MBC Remodeling today for more information or a free estimate.

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