What To Expect During A Basement Remodel

8 Things To Prepare For When Remodeling
Your Lancaster, PA, Basement

What To Expect During Your Basement Remodel

If your Lancaster, PA, basement has become nothing more than a glorified storage space, then it may be time to consider a remodel. Any home renovation project can be complex, but when you know what to expect for your basement remodel in Lancaster, PA, you’ll be better prepared for the process.

Have you always dreamed of having a private office space, recreation room, or home theater? Imagine how it would be if an expert refinished your basement to match your vision, creating a new room and space for your family to enjoy.

Whatever you can imagine for your basement can become a reality when you decide on a basement remodel. However, just as with any remodel you have completed in your Lancaster, PA, home, there are several things you need to prepare to have a successful project.

Preparing for a basement remodel will lessen your stress and give you peace of mind in knowing that while the remodel takes place in your basement, your dream may seem impossible – but with patience, it will come true. Check out these eight things to remember when remodeling your basement!

Moisture Is The Enemy

Almost every basement has dealt with moisture in some form or another. Moisture is the enemy! If moisture is an issue, don’t be surprised if your basement remodel does not start immediately.

Many homeowners discover that because of the moisture in their basement, specific steps must be taken before the remodel can begin to ensure moisture cannot get into their basement any longer. Many people don’t realize this crucial step, and are disappointed when their finished basement will not occur as soon as they had hoped.

Clean Up Your Basement Beforehand

Don’t worry – you may not have to move everything out of your basement at the start. However, the more clutter-free your basement is before the remodel starts, the easier time your remodelers will have getting started.

If you have old or unused items taking up space in the basement to donate, then bring them to your local center. If you have junk that needs to be thrown out, dispose of it before the first day of construction. The more open your basement is, the better chance the remodel can get started with no obstacles.

Beams And Columns May Have To Stay

When many homeowners imagine their Lancaster, PA, basement remodel, they imagine the room without the current beams and columns. However, these are often integral parts of the home’s structure and cannot be removed or relocated.

Instead, you can easily turn these beams and columns into structural elements with a flare to fit in with the new design of your basement. Others have found it better to plan the construction of new walls around these columns to camouflage them as support.

Fire Exits

If you have a newer home in the Lancaster, PA, area, chances are your basement has a separate entrance or a small window that you can use in an emergency. Surprisingly, many older homes do not have these fire exits because safety laws were different at the time of construction.

When you remodel your basement, you often need to add fire exits to keep in compliance with current regulations. Many homeowners will find the project can add several thousands of dollars to their basement remodel budget since they were not prepared for building codes to be an issue.

Your Remodel Will Be Messy

As with any other remodel within your home, the basement remodel will be messy. There will be a lot of construction and noise – so be prepared for it. Luckily, since the work happens in a basement, most homeowners find it does not interfere much with their day-to-day lives.

However, considering a large dumpster for all the trash construction will generate may be a good idea. Your contractor may take it upon themselves to handle all the trash removal, so you won’t have to worry about it.

Basement Remodels Can Take A Long Time

A basement remodel is not simple by any means – thus, it takes some time to complete it. In most cases, a basement remodel can be completed in four to eight weeks when looking to finish the basement complete with plumbing and electrical work.

Be prepared for the time frame in which the remodel may take. However, the good news is that most people are not using their basements as living spaces yet, so it may not affect you as much as you think.

Foundation Issues Need To Be Repaired Beforehand

If you refinish a basement when the foundation is not in great shape, you are asking for a disaster to happen. For this reason, it is helpful to inspect your foundation before you begin your basement remodel.

In doing so, you can repair anything that needs it, and you will have peace of mind knowing your basement remodel is happening on a foundation in great shape.

Weather Delays Won’t Be An Issue

A pleasant surprise for many homeowners is realizing they do not have to worry about weather delays when a basement is being remodeled. Your entire remodel is going to take place inside the interior of your home, so even mild winter weather shouldn’t tremendously impact your basement remodel.

Not being held back by weather means you can opt for your basement remodel when it is more convenient for your schedule.

Get Your Lancaster, PA, Basement Remodel No-Obligation Quote

If remodeling your basement has been at the top of your list of things to do in your Lancaster, PA, home, then there is no time like the present to make it happen.

Here at MBC Remodeling, we offer a no-obligation quote for your basement remodel and are more than happy to show you what your basement could become with our expertise.

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