What’s Cooking in Kitchen Design

The kitchen remains one of the most popular places in the home.  Even with the slowing home sales in many U.S. markets, kitchen remodeling projects continue to provide positive returns at the time of sale.  So, instead of major renovations and overhauls, this subdued market has kicked off beautification and smart kitchen re-dos to improve the home.

A successful design depends on making choices that enhance the kitchen and its role in today’s families.  The kitchen is not just a place to eat but a place to entertain, to show off culinary skills and to gather with your family and friends.

Remember, not every kitchen remodeling project has to be a total ‘tear it all down’ operation to be an effective one.

Here is a sampling of some hot design trends that are simple, yet cost-effective ways to improve the look of your kitchen:

  • Consider adding crown molding, corbels and appliqués.
  • New hardware can immediately revitalize old cabinets.
  • Add trashcan pullouts and plate and utensil organizers to improve organization and convenience.
  • Replace older countertops with more popular ones like Corian or granite.
  • Add new cabinet fronts to bring a refreshing look to an older kitchen.

Consider mixing cabinet colors. This is a growing trend in today’s kitchens.

Kitchen renovations do not need to be expensive to be beautiful!



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