What’s the 2018 Color of the Year?

If you ask five different interior designers what the color of the year is for 2018, you will get five different answers. However, there are trends that can be discerned. From looking at the global trends of fashion, pop culture, and art, the most stylistic colors can be discovered. Although these industries point to mostly similar colors, there are a few outliers which can give your remodeled kitchen or bathroom a fresh new look.

Eggshell Blue or Seafoam Green

Some of the most popular colors of 2018 are a light eggshell blue and seafoam green. Pastels have been on trend recently, and this year it hasn’t changed. Some designers have even created their own color, which is the perfect balance between this light blue and green. These colors remain on trend because of their relaxing aura and their clean, modern look. Kitchen trends in 2018 are still focused on clean lines and decluttered spaces. Using these lighter colors is a continuation of this trend and will help transform whatever space you choose into a calm place that will allow you to escape your hectic, everyday life.

Vibrant Blue and Green

As a continuation of the blue and green theme, some designers have taken these colors and made them more vibrant. These colors are perfect for a living or dining room, as they give an oceanic or island theme. This is meant to evoke a relaxing aura, allowing your renovated room to provide you with a great place to unwind after a long day. They were created to be paired with an off-white or grey color, which could also be a perfect addition for a kitchen with a lighter cabinet color.


Some of the more bold designers have declared a vibrant red to be the color of 2018. While some homeowners may be afraid of such a bright color, there are many ways this color can be integrated into a new design. Whether you want to just paint an entrance door or add a unique accent wall, using a bold red color will really freshen up your home and give it a new look. Additionally, the color red provides a wonderful backdrop to any other unique design features that you would want to draw attention to in your home.


One of the newest color trends of 2018 is the inclusion of black amongst many home designs. Black is often thought of as a dark and foreboding color, with no place in a calm and relaxing environment. However, black can prove to be just as helpful to creating the perfect home environment as any other color, sometimes even moreso. Using black in your kitchen or bathroom can create an elegant, dramatic look that can be the perfect canvas for a creative aesthetic.

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