Where Not To Cut Corners In Your Bainbridge, PA Bathroom Remodel

What Corners Not To Cut When Remodeling
The Bathroom In Your Bainbridge, PA Home

How to Know Where To Spend And Where To
Save When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Remodeling your bathroom in Bainbridge, PA can be an intimidating undertaking. You want to save money, but you also want to make sure that your new bathroom will last for years in good condition. One of the risks when remodeling is cutting corners on the wrong items, so they need updating again too soon.

One of the best ways to ensure your bathroom remodel is on a budget is to partner with a trusted and knowledgeable bathroom remodeling contractor. A good contractor can help you plan your design thoroughly before work begins, so you are more likely to stick to the plan. And if you stick to the plan, you are much more likely to stick to the budget.

Before you begin, it helps to do research. Armed with knowledge on what you can save money on and what not to compromise on can be invaluable in remodeling.

So, before you embark on your bathroom remodel, use these tips and partner with a trusted remodeling contractor to make sure that your new bathroom will be beautiful, durable, and long-lasting.

Never Compromise On Plumbing And Electrical
Work During Your Bathroom Remodel

Both plumbing and electrical work involve highly specialized knowledge. If they are not done correctly, there can be serious consequences for your home and your safety.

There is a reason why plumbers and electricians get extensive training and are required to be licensed and credentialed before practicing their trade. Don’t try to DIY this kind of work. It rarely ends well.

If details are skipped during plumbing work, your home could sustain water damage that will warp and weaken floors and walls. Leaks from plumbing could also create damp areas where mold and mildew can grow and wreak havoc.

If details are skipped during electrical work, even something as small as capping unused wires, it could be hazardous to your home and your family’s safety.

Even if nothing disastrous happens right away, small problems can become larger ones that will cost you way more money in the long run than just hiring the appropriate professionals the first time.

This is another way that working with a bathroom remodel contractor can be beneficial. A trusted contractor with a solid reputation will most likely subcontract plumbing and electrical work to professionals with equally solid reputations.

Prioritize Fixtures Over Decorative Accents
For Your Bathroom Remodeling Services

Fixtures will receive more wear and tear over time than trim and details. For example, prioritize the tub if you have your eye on luxury tile and an expensive, sturdy bathtub. It will receive the brunt of frequent use. You can always compromise by using the luxury tile as an accent or inlay and go with basic tile for wider areas.

Fixtures like sinks, toilets, tubs, and faucets get touched and used every day. That use can take its toll over time if they aren’t made of sturdy, high-quality materials. Decorative accents add to the elegance of a room but don’t receive that wear and tear that fixtures do.

It is also much easier to make cosmetic changes to a room later (when you have replenished your budget) than to replace fixtures.

Don’t Cut Corners On Glass: Windows And Shower
Doors For Your Master Bathroom Remodel

If your bathroom remodel involves new windows, cutting corners in the name of cost-saving may cost you more in the long run. Spending a little more upfront for energy-efficient windows and sturdy casings can help you save much more on your energy bills over time.

Shower glass is another area where you don’t want to cut corners. The thicker the glass, the more expensive the shower door will be. But thick glass will stand up to more wear and tear, making it less likely that you will have to spend more money on damaged or chipped glass too soon.

Higher-quality shower glass will also be sturdier and easier to keep clean.

Put The Extra Effort Into Finding The Right
Bathroom Remodel Contractor

This is a tip where putting in a little bit of extra time and effort upfront can have a big payoff later. Most people know the rule to get three bids from contractors for a job. When you get those bids, don’t necessarily just pick the lowest estimate and be done with it.

A bid that is too low may not be realistic. It could be masking hidden costs that you will be surprised by. Before you take bids, do a little research into material costs and average bathroom remodel costs in your area so you can make an informed decision when it comes to selecting a contractor.

Research can also help when trying to find a trustworthy contractor. Things like reviews, reputation, and consumer advocacy organization awards will give you an indication of a contractor that will be honest and easy to work with.

A good contractor will also have planning tools to ensure you get the most for your money while staying within your budget. A solid plan before starting is irreplaceable to keep you on budget.

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