Why Finishing Your Basement Adds Value to Your Home

Have you always hoped for a finished basement in your home?  There are many homeowners that consider a basement remodeling project not only to give their family more space, but to create extra usable finished space in their home to increase their property value.  Here at MBC Remodeling, we specialize in basement remodeling and are one of the top remodeling contractors in the area.  Basement remodeling has become a very popular project over the last few years because so many homeowners are also working from home, so we saw an uptick in basement remodeling projects. Still, there are other reasons why finishing your basement can add value to your home.

Property Value Increase

When you finish your basement, you actually increase the amount of living space in your home.  Many homeowners are looking for homes with a finished basement for extra guests, for parties, for home offices, or just for a fun play or gaming room.  By creating a welcoming and warming feeling in the basement area, you will actually increase your property value.  It can also create a huge incentive to new homeowners that are planning on expanding their family as well.

A Line In The Sand

Separation of space within a home is essential for many reasons.  We all have rooms or spaces in our home that we spend more time in, and sometimes we need room to focus.  Not only that, but perhaps we enjoy spending time alone in a furnished and finished space.  Creating a relaxation room is popular in basement remodels, and of course, the finished office space is a very popular option.  Creating a proverbial line in the sand creates distance and lessens distractions when it comes to whatever activity you would like to use your finished basement for.

It Can Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

This is a surprising advantage to most homeowners.  When you finish your basement, part of this is more than just adding carpet and furnishings.  You can add insulation and ensure that your basement is solid and comfortable.  This can lead to better energy efficiency because the heat is not escaping, so you will warm in the winter and in the summer, it can stay cool as well.  You can add in light by adding windows if the project allows and this can easily lead to lower utility bills throughout time.


In a world that is constantly changing from day to day, so many homeowners are either hybrid workers or fully removed.  Many did not have a dedicated space for an office before, but now there is a huge demand for this type of project.  Being able to separate your work from your family life is essential because you still want to reach your work objectives during the day.  Having a private space in your finished basement allows you to be professional with colleagues and customers during the day and it can also lead to fewer distractions from the rest of the home, such as loud music, the television, and anything that will remove your focus from your work tasks.  You can even change the door to your basement to make it soundproof. There are many other options that are available to make this space private.  If you are looking to finish your basement because you would like to use it as a spare bedroom for visitors and guests, this can also be a nice feature for them as well.  You will create a private space where they can feel comfortable.

A Place For Gatherings & Fun

It’s party time! Well, for some.  Many people will have a basement remodeling project done just for parties alone.  Gatherings with families and friends can be festive throughout the year.  Some homeowners also add in pool tables and gaming to become a sanctuary area for the home gamer.  Get-togethers and even children’s play dates can all be done in a safe and comfortable space now.  So, whether it is a crafting party, a children’s birthday party, or an adult gathering, having a finished basement can provide the space and amenities needed to have a wonderful time!

MBC Remodeling is an expert in basement remodeling, and we enjoy giving our clients many options to ensure they are getting a customized experience and the room they deserve.  Finishing a basement can be a very fun project, and since there are so many possibilities, we can present these options to you and help you to complete your vision.  Our reputation and our mission are important to us and as we grow, we enjoy providing these exceptional services throughout the Lancaster, PA area.

Interested in finishing your basement?  If you’re in or directly around the Lancaster, PA area, feel free to contact us with any questions you have and we are more than happy to walk you through the process.

Check out our gallery for some ideas for your basement remodeling project. This is the perfect time to update your basement and finish it off!  We look forward to hearing from you!

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