Why MBC Remodeling Is Loyal To Lancaster, PA Homeowners

Why We’re So Loyal To Lancaster County,
Despite The Growing Pains

We’ve served the people of Lancaster County (roughly 550k souls) as a family-owned building and remodeling company since 1999. And you know what, we’ve never been busier! Has it always been a bed of Mountain-laurels? No!

That said, as of late Summer, we’re booked out through the New Year!

Of course, things could change by the time you’re reading this, but we’ve watched our lead time to break ground on new projects ramp up from our typical 2 to 3 months to 4 to 6. Regardless, folks are STILL signing contracts for future work with us, and we couldn’t be more proud.

What Building Remodeling Projects Are They Booking?

The overall theme continues to be opening up important spaces around the home to increase togetherness! People want open areas. They want to knock down walls and enjoy more space to be sociable with friends and family. They also want to ensure everything in these critical areas is up to date.

  • Kitchen Remodeling: We’re doing a couple of core kitchen remodels, as well as creating optimized layouts with open-area kitchens conjoined with dining and living rooms.
  • Bathroom Remodeling: Recently, we’ve been doing bathroom remodels as part of updating master bedrooms. For example, building a bump-out on the back wall to extend the room and updating the bathroom at the same time.
  • Basement Remodeling: Helping homeowners take advantage of these areas to create roomier spaces with tons of functional value. From man caves to basement living rooms.

Ever since 2020, when the county and the nation were hit with unprecedented challenges, we’ve seen demand for these kinds of home improvements grow, and grow, and grow some more.

What Are You Doing To Adjust To This Growth?

At MBC Remodeling, we appreciate being smaller and focused on Lancaster County. We’re not trying to grow into some huge titan of a company. However, we’ve definitely been going through the recruitment and hiring process, and these days it’s not an easy task!

For example, over this last quarter, we’ve brought on two skilled tradespeople to help us carry the project load and keep lead times from growing further.

Like us, they’ve got families and prefer to stay in Lancaster so they can come home each night after work! Being as experienced, established, and talented as they are, they could’ve chosen any number of bigger companies in the Philidelphia area (or perhaps multi-state outfits), but that means 4+ hours of commuting every day.

What’s Your Secret Sauce For Staying In Business?

23+ years in this industry is nothing to shake a stick at. Most of our competitors have had to shut their doors for one reason or another in around 5 to 8’ish years. So, what sets us apart? We believe it has something to do with our most valuable asset – our local reputation.

Every day, we put in the work to maintain it.

This is why the majority of the projects taking up our calendar each month are direct referrals from past clients: friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors. With us, you know you’re going to be treated right; you know you’re going to get an accommodating, personalized experience.

Thanks for your time today! If you’re interested in a home remodeling or building project and would like to chat, our door is always open. You can reach out and Contact Us at your convenience. We’re happy to help. And here’s to another decade serving this historic area and its people!

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