Why We Aim For 100% Transparency With Kitchen Remodels

Explaining Everything: Why We Believe
In 100% Transparency During
Kitchen Remodels

Because Being Honest Isn’t Just The Right Thing
To Do, It’s Downright
Good Business

If you’re gearing up to remodel your kitchen and it’s your first big-ticket project, you’re likely feeling a bit overwhelmed. Unfortunately, the age of gargantuan home improvement brands and the internet hasn’t made it easier (quite the opposite, in fact).

After decades in the business at MBC Remodeling, we FULLY understand you need help! Genuine, “Here’s how to get that fabulous new kitchen and the most value at the best possible price…” professional help!

You’re already aware investing in the cheapest chuck-and-his-truck, one-man-band general contractor (GC) isn’t the best option. And you know you should avoid getting taken for a ride by a smoother, more experienced crew who isn’t going to be in Lancaster for more than 3-5 years either.

  • You need a talented team with a long-standing, rock-solid reputation.
  • You need an integrity-driven, forthright company to look out for your interests.
  • You need to know the finer points you can’t see and aren’t savvy to (the endless details involved in kitchen remodeling) will be properly taken care of with premium materials.

For example, take this simple photo from our Kitchen Remodeling Gallery:

Kitchen Remodeling

When these good people first approached us, they had a rough idea of what they wanted but no real understanding of materials – hardware options, countertop options, appliances, flooring, etc. They just knew they needed an updated, polished look with TONS of new counter space!

This is another after photo to give you a broader perspective of the complexity involved:

Kitchen Remodel

Important Point #1: Cabinet Materials Matter

Look at all that cabinet space. Gorgeous. But it’s a lot of material. If you’re not careful, a less reputable contractor might try to get away with using particle board which is a horrible idea. Like the bathroom, it’s not a space to use the cheap stuff!

We steered them away from cheaper materials and went with solid wood. This way, they hold up nice and strong for a long time while avoiding many potential issues. This is something we explain upfront because…

“After 45 years of experience, we’ve seen the fallout of countless kitchen remodeling mistakes.”

Important Point #2: Watch For ‘Yes Men’ Contractors

Imagine a couple has a contractor come over who will basically say yes to anything. They need the work! So, when the couple says, “We saw these cabinets for $100 at…” whatever major store, the contractor says, “Sure thing!

MBC Remodeling isn’t going to say that. We’re going to educate you. We’ll tell you WHY those cabinets aren’t a good option, then explore workarounds that achieve the same look but deliver much more VALUE. Always learn as much as you can about your contractor!

Important Point #3: Ask About The Details

As homeowners, we see the window dressing. We see the outside of the cabinets, not the inside. Beyond that, we don’t think of things like the kind of screws your contractor is using. Everything adds up! We actually use exterior-grade screws when it comes to framing inside.

For cabinets, we use top-of-the-line cabinet screws, not low-end carpentry screws. And we ensure you get protected flooring that’s been waterproofed against everyday wear and tear (typically luxury vinyl tiles that look like the real thing and can come grouted or not).

Don’t Take Chances With Your Kitchen Remodel

If you aren’t willing to take any chances with your upcoming kitchen remodeling project (not the same as being creative and innovative, which we enjoy), you owe it to yourself to Contact MBC Remodeling. Whether we end up working together or not, we’re going to give you lots of great information, friendly/professional advice, and insight while striving to answer all your questions thoroughly.

Thanks and we hope to hear from you soon!

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