Why Winter Could Be the Right Time For Your Home Remodeling

Winter is here, and many homeowners mistakenly assume that means that the time for home remodeling projects is over. However, that’s simply not the case. With the right home remodeler, you can have a professional remodeling project done with as little disruption to your comfort as possible at any time of year. In fact, some homeowners even prefer to have their home remodeling done in the winter. Here are a few reasons why that is:

More Availability

During peak season, homeowners could be waiting up to 6-8 weeks for their home remodeling project to begin. Contractors can be booked solid during the summer. That begins to taper off a bit in the autumn. By winter, we’re into the low season. It’s the least busy time of year for remodeling companies, meaning that when you call to schedule your remodeling project, the calendar might be much more open. This is especially handy if you have a project that needs to be done soon or at a particular time.


Potential Discounts

Because winter has less demand, many material manufacturers are willing to offer remodeling contractors and companies discounts when they order. This means that the homeowner will themselves benefit from discounts that they wouldn’t be able to enjoy during the summer. Sometimes, the remodeling company will even offer a discount on the labor or special offers for the season or the holidays that can further incentivize remodeling in the winter.


Newer, Safer Technology

Years ago, the fear with winter remodeling projects was the fumes created by the equipment used in the remodeling project. Because of the cold weather, homeowners were faced with the choice to either breathe in toxic fumes or let in cold air by opening a window. However, technology has far advanced since then. These days, the equipment used is safe and will be able to do the job without you having to risk breathing in toxic fumes.


Avoid the Remodeling Chaos

Many homeowners tend to go away for the winter. The kids are out of school, the weather is cold, and they may have friends or family living far away with whom they’d like to spend the holidays. If you plan to fly south for the winter, it could be the perfect time to have a remodeling project done. You can get away from the house while the remodeling team works. When you come home, it will be to your new and improved home.


Is winter the right time for your home remodeling project? Let MBC Remodeling help with our professionalism and expertise. Contact us today for more information or to get started with a free consultation.

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