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We’ll always find a way to get something done right!

When you invest serious money in your home and your lifestyle, you want the remodeling work to be done absolutely and positively RIGHT.

Not 80% on the mark…

Not 90% of the way to perfection…

Not even 98% there… but 100%!

This is at the heart of why homeowners here in Lancaster County, PA look for a family-run business who care more about their Local Reputation and their customers than their bottom line.

You want a ‘People-Before-Profits’ kind of company you can depend on when investing in your lifestyle.

Especially when your vision or the remodeling goals you want to achieve are challenging or out of the norm.

In this case study we talk briefly about one perfect example we worked on relatively recently.

Case Study: A Classic 1850’s-Style School House Conversion Overhaul

Honestly, before they approached us they were essentially shut down by two or three other remodeling companies who said it couldn’t be done within their budget (we often run into this with larger, more complex Home Additions). Namely taking this old school house built around the 1850s and converting it into two modern-looking residential homes.

Two or three average contractors said they needed MUCH more money to get everything done properly.

Does that shock you? Probably not.

We’re not shocked at all either.

Here’s a Before picture to give you an idea of how tight the space was:

It’s normal for us to sit down with homeowners who’ve been denied. But when they meet with our experienced team and designers, they find out We’re Going To Find A Way.

And there’s always a way. Even when the area looks like this:

What Did We Have To Do?

We needed to navigate around a fair amount of structural engineering issues. Like, how were we going to put two kitchens back to back when the ceilings on one side of the space were 12-feet tall?

More importantly, how were we going to build both sides to match for roughly HALF of what they were being told it would cost? How were we going to create two gorgeous, functional living spaces with a budget of $70,000… not the $120,000-$140,000 other contractors were pitching?

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First and foremost, we built the ceilings down in a cost-efficient and safe way so they matched and sort of became one giant kitchen. Once we had that done it was a matter of using seasoned proven techniques we learned from working on older homes for so many years.

We took on a hybrid approach rather than what other contractors might take who are used to new builds and newer cookie-cutter Kitchen Remodeling.

Finally, we had to be creative; innovative while combining the two spaces. This differed from the other contractors who were trying to take it on like two separate projects.

How long did it take us? Three months, which was sooner than expected. This is the kind of experience you can expect when Working With MBC Remodeling.

Bottom Line: MBC Remodeling Can Make It Happen Safely, Efficiently, And Cost-Effectively

Just because we’re among the absolute best and most experienced Lancaster County, PA remodelers, doesn’t mean we’re greedy. We’re typically not the highest bid either. We’re a family-run company with a very precise process that takes EVERYTHING into account, then aims for the absolute best value possible. We’ll find a way. We always do.

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