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Home remodeling can be an exciting time for you and your family. It often means more space, a fresh layout, and new furnishings. You can improve your home with the help of a remodeling contractor in the East Earl, PA area.

MBC Remodeling would love to help you complete your home remodeling projects. We offer outstanding service on every level and especially enjoy working with homeowners to create truly custom projects. Of course, apart from outstanding service and custom projects, you’ll find the heart and soul of our process – excellent communication.

We’ll show you how much you and your home matter to us.

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A newly remodeled kitchen in a home in East Earl, PA with MBC Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling Services

For many families, the kitchen is the center of the home. It’s the place where you have lots of conversations and get-togethers. That’s why you want your kitchen to work for your family.

Whether you need more flexibility or additional space, or you have outdated kitchen fixtures, we at MBC Remodeling would love to help you update your space.

A newly remodeled bathroom in a home in East Earl, PA with MBC Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling Services

Some bathrooms just don’t work the way they used to. Whether your plumbing is outdated or your cabinets and sink are from the 1970s, you can have a more functional, efficient, and beautiful bathroom. MBC Remodeling has the experience to deliver a custom solution for your Lancaster County home.

A newly remodeled basement in a home in East Earl, PA with MBC Remodeling

Basement Remodeling Services

Your home’s basement probably has some serious potential. Newly remodeled basements are often used as a play area for the kids, an entertainment area for the whole family, or even a place for extra bedrooms. The basement is a truly versatile space – whether it’s finished now or not. Let MBC Remodeling help you improve your basement!

A newly added addition to a new home in East Earl, PA with MBC Remodeling

Home Addition Services

Building an addition for your home opens up all sorts of possibilities. In some cases, adding some extra space with a home addition can also help you avoid moving! Work with us at MBC Remodeling, and we’ll help you figure out what goes into your home addition so you can make your home more spacious and functional again.

A newly built deck on a home in East Earl, PA with MBC Remodeling

Decking Services

When you build a deck on your home, you’ll wonder what you ever did without one. Decks are especially great in the spring, summer, and fall, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor living space. You can also include a canopy, chairs, and tables to make it extra comfortable while enjoying the shade.

A newly remodeled home in East Earl, PA with MBC Remodeling

The MBC Remodeling Process Gets It Right

Our Experience Makes Your Remodeling
Project Turn Out Fantastic

60 Years Of Combined Service

At MBC Remodeling, we’ve been remodeling homes for a long time. Sixty years of trained experience gives us a keen eye for detail and knowledge of past and upcoming trends. We acknowledge that most remodeling companies don’t last more than two years. That makes us feel more secure knowing we’ll provide the best experience!

Outstanding Value

First, to truly understand the value MBC Remodeling brings, you have to get quotes from a few remodelers. We are not only fine with you shopping around for remodeling pricing, we encourage you to do so! You’ll soon learn that we aren’t the cheapest, but we deliver a bargain for what you pay for.

Truly Custom Remodeling

We do real custom remodeling. We don’t have kitchen templates for you to choose from. We’d rather fully listen to what you’d like and make things work within the framework of your home. Custom remodeling means homeowners get to seriously examine how they use things while we listen to how they like it – and then we get it done.

Consistent Communication

Communication is very important. When a homeowner doesn’t know what’s happening, things get confused, resulting in dissatisfaction. Between our detailed but straightforward quotes and constant communication about what is happening in your project, you won’t feel like you are in the dark with MBC Remodeling.

MBC Remodeling Gets Terrific Reviews

Learn What Our Customers Say
About Our Services

Karen W

I would recommend MBC to anyone
Mike Blank did a wonderful job working within my budget to create a beautiful new kitchen. This was a tiny area and it was challenging to maximize every inch of space-- removing a closet and soffits and expanding a peninsula. He installed new cabinetry and fabulous granite counters, and added a wall of beautiful glass tile. His crew was on time, polite, tidy and respectful of my home. I would recommend MBC to anyone looking to have quality remodeling work done.

Robin H

I trust and recommend MBC
Mike Blank gave me an honest review of my options concerning a kitchen remodel and a family room upgrade. He appreciated my budget constraints and never made me feel as if I were finding the "cheap' way around a project. He worked with me through some difficult decisions. Everyone working for this company that I encountered was professional and honest. I came home knowing the clean up was handled and there were no surprises. I intend to use this business for any future projects I may dream up. I trust and recommend MBC Building & Remodeling to anyone considering work on their home.

Dan D

We are thrilled
MBC did a major handicapped accessible remodel for us. The work crew is personable, reliable, and very competent. We are thrilled with the results!

5 Questions Homeowners In East Earl, PA
Ask About MBC Remodeling From

Are You A Complete Remodeler?

Yes, for reference, this means that MBC Remodeling does both the scheduling of our building and design teams. If you are wondering why, trying to schedule all of these yourself while making separate design and building teams communicate is tough for a homeowner.

Do You Offer A Warranty For Your Services?

Unlike many other contractors, we offer a real warranty for our work. So, what do you get? A warranty that includes five years of coverage for labor. That’s a pretty good start!

Do you provide free consultations?

YES! We treat each appointment as a true consultation; we work with you to discover what you really want and how we can achieve those results, all within your budget. If it's not feasible, we let you know. There’s never any Sales Pressure–or Pricing games.

Does Remodeling Raise The Value Of My Home?

Yes, normally remodeling projects raise the value of your home. When attempting to sell your home, a good remodeling project can add serious value – and when MBC Remodeling does it, you won’t want to leave! You’ll love your updated home, and potential new homeowners will, too.

What Will The Cost Be For My Remodeling Project?

The scope of work, the materials used, and the size of the project all factor into determining the cost of your remodeling project. We cannot give an estimate until we’ve seen the proposed job and understand what you need.

During the initial consultation, we will learn your project goals and develop a detailed breakdown of the costs involved. Transparent pricing is our policy, and we will work with you to create a remodeling plan that fits within your budget.